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Mandrel Pipe Bender & Rotary Draw bender

SAHINLER NC Mandrel Bender
  • mandrel pipe bender comes with 1 Set Die (requested size)
  • Mobile NC Control Unit with 10” TFT Touchscreen
  • this hydraulic pipe bending machine has 99 Programm Memory,Each programm with 20 bending steps
  • Daily and Total Working Status Reports
  • Error and Warning Messages
  • Mobile Foot Pedal with Emergency Stop Button
  • this steel pipe bending machine can work in Manual or Automatic Mode
  • Enable to work with Mandrel or without Mandrel for bending stainless steel tubing
  • Safety Plate on front and back of bending head
  • Bending Angle with Encoder
  • can be used as a exhaust tubing bender
  • length stop Bracket
  • Square Attachment
  • Hydraulic Slider System ( for 65 and over )
  • Hydraulic Bending
  • Hydraulic Mandrel
  • this steel tube bender comes with Hydraulic Support and Hydraulic Clamping
  • Electrical Panel Safety Lock  and Panel Lock with Key
  • Overload Protection
  • to learn pipe bending machine price contact us now!
32HD/H and 32MD/M
  • 1 Set Die (requested size)
  • Special Design Direct Drive Reducer
  • 4,7” TFT Touchscreen Display (on 32HD and 32MD only)
  • Mobile Foot Pedal with Emergency Stop Button
  • Hydraulic Clamping (on 32 HD/H only)
  • Brake Motor for precise bendings

  • Manual Carrier with Display
  • NC Carrier with Servo Motorized rotation and Hydraulic Holder
  • Extra Die Sets
  • Hydraulic Slider ( up to 65 )
  • Safety Mat (30" x 40")
  • Safety Laser curtain
  • Mandrel Lubrication System
  • Hydraulic Oil Heater
  • extended Mandrel Length
  • Flexiable Mandrel and Wiper
SFB 65NC NC Controlled Pipe and Tube Mandrel bender<br />
SFB 90NC NC Controlled tube Bending Machine with mandrel<br />
Programmable Rotary Pipe Bender
  • pipe Bending CLR as small as 2-3 x Ø
  • Simple NC control metal tube bender with programmable bend angle
  • Up to 100 programs memory programming
  • Save Bending Steps in controller
  • this rotary pipe bender comes with Material spring back compensation with readout
  • Quick-change tooling system
  • Double draw Bending Speed
  • Foot pedal with emergency stop button
  • main motor with brake
  • 180° maximum bending angle
  • 1 Set of Pipe Bending Tool included in this draw pipe bender
  • stepless Speed Adjustment System (in SPB 60/76 only)

  • required size toolings
SPB 60 pipe draw bender<br />
SFB 63S Rotary draw pipe bender<br />
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