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CNC Beam Drill Line

Beam Drill Line : NewRun series
cnc beam drill line | cnc beam drilling machine
  • The NEWRUN Beam Drill Line is a machine designed to apply high speed steel drill tooling to the production of structural steel members.
  • CNC beam drilling machine can drill square, rectangular tubing and angle iron.
  • the NEWRUN beam drill will quickly and accurately produce 50-75 tons per week of processed profiles (this can fluctuate based on section size and complexity of operations).
  • The gripper Feed of this cnc drill line allows for an array of material handling options.
  • conveyors in this cnc beam line can be quickly expanded, split apart, transferred across from either side and modified with no sacrifice in machine accuracy or functionality.
  • Drilling and sawing need to work in harmony, no matter your operation. The big question is how to arrange such a system to receive desired throughput. NEWRUN cnc beam drill line, due to their modular design, are capable of being placed in tandem, or split apart from a saw to suit each need.
  • to find a beam drill line for sale contact us now.
  • CSA approved electric panel

Beam Line Band saw : Diamond series
beam line band saw
the DIAMOND beam band saw utilizes a smarter design for maximum longevity of consumables, and core components. beam cutting band saw Technology that includes twin column construction, rigid material clamping,ensures maximum ROI on your machine tool investment.
  • LM (Linear Motion) guide for stable saw blade feed
  • Automatic control of cutting speed & cutting end point thanks to NC controller
  • programable Hydraulic feeder
  • Hydraulice vise
  • CSA approved electric panel
H Beam Beveler
beam beveling machine
  • for H beam Scallop process
  • Automatic continuous H beam beveling
  • Automatic cutting speed adjustment
  • Self-diagnosis function
  • hydraulic clamping for Flange & Web
  • CSA approved electric panel

CNC Angle punching Line
angle punching and cutting line | cnc angle line
  • Providing the most accurate, productive, and profitable parts are essential to operation.
  • Successful fabricators currently use the KAP-150 CNC angle line to automate angle processing with one machine that can deliver accurate, finished parts in seconds.
  • A typical 6" x 6" x 5/8” clip angle with twelve holes, can be punched, marked, and sheared to a finished length in less than one minute.
  • The KAP-150 CNC angle punching machine can punch round or shaped holes (obrounds, slots, etc), mark the parts (optional), and shear parts to length in one-pass, minimizing scrap.
  • machine can be provided with complementary loading and unloading equipment, to minimize material handling and further expedite production.
  • 3 automatic tool change on each side
  • gripper feeding system
  • CSA approved electric panel
CNC Plate Drilling Machine
cnc plate drill
  • The PSD cnc plate drilling machine is specially designed for drilling, thread tapping, and center point marking of plates.
  • It consists of a rigid heavy steel frame, which ensures perfect stability during the drilling process.
  • A servo driven drilling unit and a drilling table are mounted onto the frame.
  • A hydraulic clamp is used to keep the plate in place during the drilling process.
  • CSA approved electric panel
Plate edge milling machine
plate edge milling machine
  • plate Upper and lower edge milling at the same time
  • Bevel angle adjustment by NC control
  • Tungsten carbide cutting insert - changeable
  • Simple operation with hydraulic clamp system
  • CSA approved electric panel
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