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Corner weld seam sander

welded Corner seam sanding machine : GECAM 136
corner weld seam sander
Standard Features:
    • CSA approved electric panel
                                Corner weld seam sanding machine : GECAM 131
                                welded corner sander
                                Standard Features:
                                  • CSA approved electric panel
                                  • MADE IN ITALY
                                                              Automatic Corner weld seam finishing machine : GECAM 135
                                                              metal box corner seam grinder
                                                              Standard Features:
                                                              • Automatic grinder for finishing and blending box weld seams
                                                              • this corner finishing machine is Equipped with a large base for supporting workpiece with a pneumatic locking system
                                                              • it can grind edges up to 31" or 59"
                                                              • The grinding head approaches workpieace  thanks to a trolley equipped with a pneumatic cylinder
                                                              • Oscillating corner grinder moves along the entire edge automatically
                                                              • Once the starting point of grinding has been set,the head moves along the edge, at the end it stops and unlocks workpiece to allow the operator put the next edge and continue processing without having to return to the zero point.
                                                              • The working pressure is manually adjustable by bringing the head closer to the piece
                                                              • Control panel with standard push-button panel or touch screen on request
                                                              • The version with two operating heads is available for greater productivity.
                                                              • PLUS version available with three axis movements, vertical, horizontal and oscillation for radiusing,available only on models with touch screen.
                                                              • manual vertical and horizontal corner wled seam grinders are available
                                                              • CSA approved electric panel
                                                              • MADE IN ITALY
                                                                                        Special welded seam grinding machine for box and square tube
                                                                                        metal corner grinding machine
                                                                                        Special metal welded seam grinding machines:
                                                                                        • CSA approved electric panel
                                                                                        • MADE IN ITALY
                                                                                                                  pipe sander
                                                                                                                  metal deburring machine
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