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Pipe polishing - Pipe sander

Pipe sander and tube polishing with feeder: BTs
pipe polishing
  • Automatic pipe sander with feeding system
  • feeds the material into the machine
  • variable feeding speed by VFD
  • variable sand belt speed by VFD
  • two sanding modes : round tube or square tube
  • this pipe belt sander comes with  2 abrasive belts as standard accessories
  • Manual pipe clamp adjustment
  • this pipe finishing machine Can polish curved pipes and tubes at 180° angle
  • No need to turn the pipe thanks to orbital sanding system
  • for grinding both round and square tubes
  • pipe polishing machine is suitable for variety of materials such as stainless steel,aluminum,brass,copper,wood
  • CSA approved electric panel
Pipe belt sander : 141 & 144
tube sander
  • Reverse workpiece feed
  • dust vacumm system
Pipe Centerless sander 128DL/SL - 228
pipe centerless sander
  • centerless sand belt grinder for satin finishing and polishing of pipes up to 6"
  • work piece easy adjustment by handwheel on prismatic support guide
  • two centerless grinding heads can be controlled independently with the belt tensioning and centering system
  • Two centerless groups with grooved rubber wheel and 3 standard support
  • this centerless tube belt sander polisher comes with variable speed to adjust work piece speed according to diameter
  • stepless speed adjustment from 20 to 100 RPM
  • wet version with drying system is available
  • CSA approved electric panel
Pipe Centerless brushing and polishing : 728
pipe centerless polishing | centerless pipe brushing
Pipe deburring machine
 pipe deburring machine | tube deburring machine
  • tubes end External and internal deburring at 45° and 90° in a single cycle
  • double speed
  • all edges uniform deburring is guaranteed even in bent tubes
  • Max deburring size : 4.75"x4.75"
  • CSA approved electric panel
corner sander
metal deburring machine
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