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Press Brake

EdgeBender 2 Axis NC Press Brake Machine
small press brake - small press brake for sale
    • CSA approved electric panel
    • 3 Axis control
    • CNC Controller
    • Special punch and dies
    Horizontal press brake : HP series (11 Ton- 88 Ton)
    horizontal press
      • with This horizontal press brake machine  You can easily make small parts, like flanges and brackets, because material lies on a flat surface.
      • You can adjust the pressure of the the hydraulics for your material.
      • this horizontal hydraulic press is Designed for simple operation. In 15 minutes, anyone could learn to run it.
      • Control the bending stroke with 2 handwheels
      • You can also run the metal press brake in a manual mode for one-off projects as well as set-up.
      • Robust manual back gauge bolts to the machine and helps with repeatability.
      • Quick-release tooling system makes changes fast and simple.The V die slides in and out.
      • Includes 100mm single-V tooling (V-opening die and V post).
      • Many additional tooling sets are available for this horizontal bending press . We can find the right one for your project or create a custom set, if necessary.
      • Shelving in the front can hold tooling and items you might need on a daily basis.
      • you can find best horizontal press for sale in NovoTech
      • CSA approved electric panel
      Recommended for:
      • Full industrial production, including shipbuilding yards, boiler manufacturers
      • Making parts that are thick, but not wide (die size is limited).

      • Numerical control (NC) programmer can store up to 100 programs
      • Digital readout
      • additional tooling sets are available

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