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Plate finishing and deburring machine

Double sided plate deburring, edge rounding and finishing machine (GT series)
plate deburring machine
Standard Features:
  • sheet metal deburring , grinding, and edge rounding. The machine processes both sides of sheet metal parts, top and bottom, in a single pass, eliminating the need for the parts to be turned over and processed a second time. All inside and outside contours of the parts are cleaned up simultaneously.
  • Deburring and edge rounding of sheet and plate up to 3.5" material thickness
  • working width : GT13 =51" and GT06=23.6"
  • No need to turn sheets over and running them through the machine again in this plate deburring machine
  • two brush belts for perfect brushing on all edges of the sheet even inside the holes , powered independent pressure adjustment from 0 to 1.4"
  • Fixed table with variable speed rubber conveyor is standard in this plate polishing machine
  • Up to 60 % work time savings compared to one-side processing grinding machines
  • Highest quality during subsequent processing or finishing
  • The cross-machining principle in this sheet deburring machine guarantees uniform brush wear over the entire working width.
  • Dry operation
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Each tool unit of sheet metal deburring machine can be separately operated and adjusted
  • pneumatic belt tension – fast tool change within only a few minutes
  • Improved work environment - Reduction of dust, dirt and noise
  • touch screen controller
  • CSA approved electric panel
single side Plate finishing , edge rounding and deburring machine : G series ( DRY / WET )
plate finishing machine
Standard Features:
    • Sanding machine with max 3 independent units with variable configuration according to the specific finishing needs
    • sheet metal deburring up to 6.7" thickness
    • this sheet metal polishing machine comes with conveyor belt with Variable speed and optional vacuum system
    • Self-centering belt by photocell
    • control system for over-thicknessed materials
    • Dust extraction hoods for each unit
    • Abrasive belt unit with heat-resistant nitrile rubber roller and helical grooves
    • Pneumatic belt tensioning system isstandard feature in this sheet metal finishing machine
    • 20 quick change top brushes rotating clockwise and counterclockwise simultaneously with transversal movement
    • cylindrical scotch brite brush, manual ascent and descent system with mechanical height indicator,transversal oscillation and Rotation in both directions
    • this plate deburrer is suitable for deburring punched,laser , plasma and oxy fuel cut parts
    • Freely configurable – individually customised to the customer's requirement
    • High quality surface finish up to fine grinding
    • Simultaneous deburring of interior and exterior contours
    • The processing units can be individually adjusted or turned on and off electrically.
    • Faster and simpler tool change within just a few minutes
    • CSA approved electric panel
    Optional Features:
    • External brush
    • Vaccum conveyor
    • spray nozzles for Wet machining
    • Filteration unit
    • Conveyor Technology
    • Handling Systems, Automation; Custom Solutions
                              Enclosure box Stroke Sander and finishing machine : GCB
                              Enclosure box Stroke Sander and finisher
                              Standard Features:
                              • dual
                                grinding belt
                              • Pneumatic belt tensionioning system
                              • rubber roller, shoe, brush
                              • Special configuration of guide rollers and idle rollers that allow the operator to move the workpiece to any point on the belt.
                              • adjustable motorized table with 600 mm stroke
                              • Vacuum handling system available with suction cups to hold the most difficult pieces to work in any position, with 360 ° horizontal shaft rotation, 360 ° vertical axis rotation and 90 ° horizontal inclination.
                              • Variable belt Speed control from 0 to 3000 Rpm
                              • Max workpiece height :23.6"
                              • CSA approved electric panel
                              • MADE IN ITALY
                              Optional Features:
                              • powered vertical brush
                              • pneumatic manipulator
                                                        Double head manual deburring machine : EASY T
                                                        manual deburring machine
                                                        Standard Features:
                                                        • Double head deburring machine suitable for grinding, deburring, edge rounding and polishing
                                                        • head mounted on a moving arm, which can be tilted 180° for quick change of two rotating brushes
                                                        • Adjustable motor speed by inverter
                                                        • vacuum system for holding the workpieces on the table
                                                        • it is possible to mount different types of brushes regarding desired material and finish
                                                        • Internal dust extraction hood
                                                        • 6" Quick change brush
                                                        • Max workpiece thickness : 6"
                                                        • tabl size: 51"x31"
                                                        • CSA approved electric panel
                                                        • MADE IN ITALY
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                                                                                  corner sander
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